ACE Stage Tool

ACE Stage Tool

Citadel Casing Solutions' ACE is the go to stage tool, setting a new standard in the way cementing operations are conducted. The DEVGRU team at Citadel used real-world data and experience to optimize reliability and drillability. With one of the quickest drill-out times on the market, the ACE reduces rig downtime, helping you to sleep at night. The ACE is available in plug or hydraulically operated configurations.

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Opening Pressure1
500 psi
Closing Pressure2
1,000 psi
Total Port Flow Area

3.14 in2 for 4.500-5.500

4.91 in2 for 7.000-10.750

7.36 in2 for 13.375-16.000

9.82 in2 for 18.625-20.000

1Approximations, actual pressures will vary slightly based on size.

2Can be set up for a two-stage or three-stage job.


  • INDUSTRY FIRST: API coupling OD stage tool– eliminating annular restriction concerns and impact on ECD
  • FASTER DRILL OUT: 100% composite plug and seat construction for rapid drill out
  • ENHANCED RELIABILITY: No welds and steel sleeves mitigate premature opening, seizing, and leaking after drillout
  • HD EDITION: V0 qualified configuration for completion and production environments

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