BACH™ Olympus Cement Head

The BACH™ Olympus Production Casing Cement Head improves operational safety and reliability when launching cement plugs during production casing cementing and/or pressure testing operations. The same head works for 5.00, 5-1/2 and 6.00 inch production casing (at surface).

This BACH includes:

  • SPEED LOK™ connection, a quick connect adapter that eliminates threading or hammering – easy 360° orientation
  • Plug-and-play configuration
  • Citadel’s integral manifold enables simple quarter-turn functionality and keeps the center of gravity close to the centerline for easier and safer lifting
  • Mechanical plug launch indicator below the FOSV
  • Releasing plunger rods do not extrude when launching cement plugs
  • Non welded assembly allows for improved maintenance to be performed to ensure extend the service life of the head


  • Centek UROS-SUB or TUR-SUB centralizer for maximum standoff
  • Designed specifically for ultra-tight tolerance applications
  • Built to match customer designed casing requirements


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