The in-house engineered MAN-O-WAR™ Top Drive Cement Head is the most modernized and optimized way to launch cementing darts/plugs and foam/solid balls. Designed to be a reliable, simple, and a safer alternative to your typical cumbersome top drive cement heads and circulating iron manifolds.


Rated Hookload

3,000,000 lbf

Rated Hookload (combined)

2,000,000 lbf

Rated MAWP (combined)

10,000 psi

Rated Torque (combined)

110,000 ft-lbS

Swivel Rated RPM


Flow Rate (Top Drive)

35 bbl/min

Flow Rate (Swivel)

16 bbl/min

Tool Weight

4,914 lb

Tool Length

13.4 feet


Rated to an INDUSTRY FIRST combined simultaneous load of 10,000 psi at 2,000,000 lbf tensile with 110,000 ft-lb applied torque.

  • Adaptable pin connector facilitates quick and hassle-free field redressing of the bottom connection to accommodate any drill pipe specific connection/sizes
  • 5.63-inch chamber I.D. mitigates compression set of darts prior to job
  • Fully independent electric over hydraulic remote system with safety features that control safety valves, release valves, ball drop, and launch indicators
  • Mechanical plug departure indicators
  • Modular design: add or remove chambers to accommodate additional plugs/balls or for extended length plugs
  • Engineered for field loading, redress, and maintenance using the innovative offshore basket with integral skid design
  • Contingency manual operation
  • 5.75-inch chamber I.D.
  • Wireless Remote System ATEX Zone 1 & UL Class I Div. II Certified:

    • Worldwide Remote Actuation

    • Augmented reality for ultimate remote support

  • DINV Certified

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