Mark Series Drillshoe™

The Mark Series (MS) Drillshoe™ is a PDC drillable drillshoe designed for use in Drilling W/Casing (DWC) operations through soft to medium formations. The MS Drillshoe is designed for all casing/hole configurations from 7.000-inch though 20.000-inch casing and can be supplied as a blank for local casing threading or pre-threaded.

Designed for DWC or conventional casing running operations where aggressive cutters are on the face of the show to work past ledges/obstructions/solids in the wellbore. This tool incorporates an aluminum bronze drill nose with tungsten carbide inserts configured to provide 100 percent drill face coverage. Additionally, carbide inserts are fitted onto the shoulder gage OD to provide wear resistance for the extended rotation experienced during DWC operations.


  • Allows DWC operations to be performed through soft to medium formations or reaming through swelling formations or other tight spots in the wellbore
  • Drillable with conventional PDC and roller cone bits
  • Available with optional bypass ports for high solids or LCM content fluids will be used

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