Mother of All Shoes™ (M.O.A.S™)

The Future of Float Equipment Is Here

Citadel Casing Solutions’ in-house engineered and patent pending MOTHER OF ALL SHOES™, or M.O.A.S.™ (pronounced “MOAZ”) is the ultimate consolidated shoe track solution. The bulletproof equipment packed into the M.O.A.S. makes shoe track cement unnecessary as a formation barrier and/or a seal for casing pressure tests and/or upstream tool actuation.
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Entire shoe track in one
Reduce overall costs with 99.98% reliability
Instantly unlock additional 40+ feet in reservoir exposure

  • Ultra Mag Valve – 15 ksi gas-tight “bulletproof” float valve qualifies as primary well barrier
  • Optional Debris Management System – Compatible with debris creating burst/rupture discs
  • Onelatch™ Plug System – Enhanced reliability for casing pressure tests/tool actuation
  • Sharknado™ – Eccentric multi-directional jetting nose facilitates casing running
  • Plug and Play – Customizable fit for purpose configurations for any application
  • High Flow – Optional patent pending valve configuration for flow rates higher than 10 bpm
  • Any API or premium connection available (fully threaded or blanked)
  • Matches casing grade and meets or exceeds casing/thread strength

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