Sharknado® Reamer Shoe

The ultimate casing running accelerator

No matter the wellbore condition, the SHARKNADO® will get casing to total depth quickly and consistently. 100% axial and circumferential reaming coupled with multi-directional jetting gets you to TD faster while improving annular cleanout and cement integrity.


  • Custom paint job
  • Tungsten carbide hemisphere cutting structure won’t damage casing
  • Torque reducing counter-clockwise blades
  • Multi-directional jetting provides superior blade and wellbore cleaning
  • Complete axial reaming coverage for rotating through tight spots
  • 360° circumferential coverage for reaming without rotation
  • CERAKOTE® performance ceramic coating provides exceptional wear and erosion resistance
  • Standard with our 15 ksi gas-tight ULTRA MAG float valve (single or double)
  • Any API or premium connection available
  • P-110 standard grade, other grades available upon request

CERAKOTE® is a registered trademark of NIC Industries, Inc.


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