Torpedo™ Liner Plug

The TORPEDO™ Plug is an engineered liner/casing wiper plug designed for sub-surface launch applications where reliable casing wiping efficiency is critical. The collet retained wiping system is conveyed into the well below the liner or casing hanger running tool.

Equalization ports within the releasing assembly minimize differential pressures acting on the wiper plug from above as a result of fluid circulation, pressure cycles within the string, etc. Allowing for predictable pressure indication at plug release.


  • Surface/intermediate casing or production liners from 4.000-inch through 20.000-inch
  • Plug landing pressure up to 15,000 psi when used with Citadel Ultra Mag production floats and landing collars
  • Configurable release pressure up to 2320 psi Modular plug/wiping configurations for monobore or tapered string applications
  • Ball catcher nose available
  • Landing collar not required when utilized with Citadel float collar

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