TrenchFoot™ Engineered Wet Shoe System

Zero Compromise Toe Initiation Solution

The TrenchFoot™ Engineered Wet Shoe System is a fully optimized toe initiation mechanism that provides an initial flow path through the shoe for plug and perf operations. The system consolidates all casing accessories into a single tool with a single casing connection which reduces cost, simplifies operations, and eliminates reliability issues.

  • Entire shoe track in one
  • Reduce overall costs with 99.98% reliability
  • Instantly unlock additional 40+ feet in reservoir exposure
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  • Available for production casing sizes 2.875, 3.500, 4.000, 4.500, 5.000, 5.500, 6.000
  • Available for production liner sizes 3.500, 4.000, 4.500, 5.000, 5.500
  • Gas-tight 338 Ultra Mag valve qualified and proven as independent well barrier
  • Single piece M.O.A.S. (Mother of All Shoes) configuration consolidates shoe track length and cost
  • Primary and contingency casing pressure test mechanisms up to 15 ksi/400°F
  • Configurable with 2 to 4 valves, and 1 to 4 plugs
  • Acid compatible system qualified for use with up to 30% HCl


  • Increases per well NPV by $50k to $250k
  • Reduces per well drilling cost by $8,000 to $40,000
  • 99.7% injection reliability
  • 99% casing test and re-entry reliability
  • Upgraded float equipment increases reliability for casing flotation, casing running, and cementing

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